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SubjectUnicode normalization (userspace issue, but what the heck)
Followup to:  <>
By author: Matthias Urlichs <>
In newsgroup:
> Not locale, but normalization problems and identical-glyph problems.
> Which is actually worse, because you don't have filenames which look
> like crap -- instead you have filenames which look perfectly sane, but
> they still do not work. Example: is an á one character, or is it an a
> followed by a composing ÂŽ?
> Mac OSX, just as an example, only uses decomposed filenames. I don't know
> the current situation, but 10.2 has major problems when you try to access
> files with composite characters in their name (across NFS for instance).
> I wonder if Linux, i.e. Linus ;-) should decree one single standard
> normalization. (I am NOT saying that enforcing this would be the kernel's
> job!)

I believe that for most applications, normalization form C should be

However, I suspect there are some applications for which this would
not apply.

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