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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.3-rc4

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, Jonathan Brown wrote:
> There are still two problems with the radeonfb on my IBM X31:
> 1) The screen is garbled when the fb kicks in at boot - its not
> converting the text from the VGA console correctly. I have a photo of
> this here:

Yup, I see it too, it looks like it's just that fbcon doesn't clear the
backing store when it does a resolution switch, so when the bootup process
switches from the original VGA 80x25 text mode into 200x75 or whatever, it
has random garbage in the new area.

It scrolls away, so it's a beauty wart at worst. I haven't bothered to
look into where the missing clear is. Hint hint.

> 2) If I run X and then exit X or switch to a fb vt then the bottom line
> doesn't clear when scrolling and running `clear` only clears the middle
> line of pixels on each line of text.

This is due to the issue that I and BenH discussed on the kernel mailing
list under the subject

2.6.3-rc3 radeonfb: Problems with new (and old) driver

where radeonfb doesn't even get the callback to reset the graphics engine,
so when X has changed some of the engine setup, radeonfb does the wrong
thing afterwards. BenH already posted a patch, but I complained about how
ugly it was ;)

So this will get fixed, but it almost certainly won't be fixed by 2.6.3.

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