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    SubjectRe: Cannot enable APIC with 2.6.2
    Tetsuji Rai writes:
    > I enabled APIC in config file of kernel 2.6.2, however APIC is not enabled
    > on boot. I'm sure APIC is enabled on my machine by BIOS, because I
    > confirmed it with WIndows XP. What's wrong with my settings? Or it's a
    > bug of kernel?.....I suspect my config should be wrong.....

    "APIC" here means I/O-APIC. The local APIC is Ok according to the dmesg log.

    > # CONFIG_SMP is not set
    > # CONFIG_PREEMPT is not set
    > CONFIG_X86_UP_APIC=y

    This part is fine.


    But here the .config ends, so we can't tell if ACPI is enabled or not.

    > -----dmesg-----

    The kernel found no MP tables. The only chance left to enable the
    I/O-APIC is for you to configure ACPI and pray it works on your machine.

    (BTW, you're overclocking your P4 by about 8%.)
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