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    SubjectRe: your mail (maps "deleted")
    On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Bloch, Jack wrote:
    > I am running a 2.4.19 Kernel and have a problem where a process is using the
    > up to the 0xC0000000 of space. It is no longer possible for this process to
    > get any more memory vi mmap or via shmget. However, when I dump the
    > /procs/#/maps file, I see large chunks of memory deleted. i.e this should be
    > freely available to be used by the next call. I do not see these addresses
    > get re-used. The maps file is attached.

    You mean, for example,
    bee13000-bee2c000 rw-s 00000000 00:05 7405782 /SYSVa8020046 (deleted)

    It's not the memory which has been "(deleted)", that's still filling your
    virtual address space. It means that shared memory objects /SYSVxxxxxxxx
    are not really there on your filesystem, and so are displayed as deleted:
    an mmapping of an unlinked file is shown that way.


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