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SubjectRe: lock up with 2.4.23
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On Thursday 12 February 2004 06:18, you wrote:
> When the machine locked up, it was not pingable. I connected via serial
> console and used sysrq to sync and remount the disks readonly. I also got
> output from sysrq+t, sysrq+p, and sysrq+m. Output is below.

I had a lockup on 2.4.24 today, too.
The machine was not pingable (suddenly) and all network
access failed (NFS, SSH).
The box had an uptime of aproximately 20 days.

Machine is a pentium 1 75 Mhz with 48MB Ram.

The bad things are:
- - I have no logs. They got lost when I reset the machine.
- - The kernel was tainted with the fritzcard dsl driver.
But exact the same driver had uptimes of over 30 days on
this machine several times in the past.
- - The machine has no peripheral hardware, so I was not
able to test sysrq, catch dmesg or something like that.

I know, that this mail is not very helpfull, but maybe
better than sending no mail at all. :)

- --
Regards Michael Buesch [ ]

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