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    SubjectRe: PPC64 PowerMac G5 support available

    On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:
    > Linus: you will probably need an updated radeonfb anyway as I told
    > you. I'll start working on it now and will post a patch separately.

    Actually, at least for me, the _old_ radeon driver works without any
    modifications at all in text mode. Rock stable image, unlike the new one
    that needed the clock fixes.

    But trying to start X hangs the system hard, which may well be an issue
    with the old radeonfb. Whenever you have a new driver, I will test.

    > Also, there is currently a known build problem with the zImage wrapper
    > in 2.6.3-rc2, unrelated to this patch, it doesn't prevent the build of
    > the plain vmlinux which is what yaboot uses on the G5.

    Actually, there's another issue, which is that the default G5 config
    enables drivers/serial/pmac_zilog.c, which has a

    #include <asm/kgdb.h>

    in it that will cause the build to fail.

    Anyway, with that fixed, it will compile and appears to work on the G5.
    Thanks. Although I did see it hang when I inserted a USB keyboard (in
    addition to the X problem). Hmm.

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