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SubjectRe: kgdb support in vanilla 2.6.2
On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 13:56:24 -0800
George Anzinger <> wrote:

> > Problem is that he did it without binutils support. I don't think that's a good
> > idea because it makes the code basically unmaintainable for normal souls
> > (it's like writing assembly code directly in hex)
> Well, bin utils, at this time, makes it even worse in that it does not support
> the expression syntax. Also, it is not asm but dwarf2 and it is written in,
> IMHO, useful macros (not hex :)

The latest binutils should support .cfi_* for i386 too. I don't see much sense
in making the code more ugly just for staying backwards compatible with older versions for the
debug case (without CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO it should be compatible though).
You need a fairly new gdb too anyways for it.

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