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    SubjectRe: ATARAID userspace configuration tool
    Am Mi, den 11.02.2004 schrieb Kevin P. Fleming um 02:45:

    > The tricky part is for Thomas' ataraid-detect program to keep some
    > information around when it has seen the first component of a RAID-0 but
    > not the second (or vice-versa). It would be very inefficient to scan all
    > known block devices every time a new one is added, although that
    > brute-force method could be used just to get the program working at
    > first. Once the whole idea has been tested and works properly (the
    > ATARAID devices become available and function properly), the efficiency
    > problem(s) could be addressed.

    Aren't the disks the ATARAID is made of usually on the same controller?
    Then you only have to scan that one.

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