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SubjectRe: About highmem in 2.6
Dave McCracken wrote:
> --On Wednesday, February 11, 2004 18:47:04 +0100 Luis Miguel García
> <> wrote:
>>When I first installed 2.4, someone told me that if I had 1 gb ram it was
>>better to not use highmem because those extra aditional mb was not worth
>>the speed penalty of using the feature.
>>Sorry for my ignorance (and my sucking english) but must I enable highmem
>>now with 2.6? or have it any speed penalty althought?
> I don't know if anyone has actually measured the relative performance, but
> I'd expect the answer to be the same as 2.4. There is a small but
> measurable performance penalty for enabling highmem which is higher than
> the benefit of the extra 128 meg of memory you get when you have 1G. If
> you have more than 1G it's better to enable highmem.

I've been using this patch for a while now on my box (with 1GB):
(kernel is 'vanilla' otherwise)

This allows you to use your full 1GB w/out highmem support.... (2G/2G
user/kernel addr space split, or something..)

Anything (potentially) wrong/bad about this patch??

Is there a simmilar patch for 2.6??


pls. CC in reply, I'm not on the list....
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