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SubjectRe: [RFC] New timeofday proposal (v.A1)
On 8 Dec 2004 at 11:58, john stultz wrote:

> behavior of adjtimex(). We need to be able to implement the following
> adjustments within a single tick:
> 1. Adjust the frequency by 500ppm for 10usecs

What do you mean by "for 10usecs"?

> 2. After that adjust the frequency by 30ppm for the rest of the tick.

I'm not sure what you are taling about: plain old adjtime() or the NTP kernel

> I may have asked this before, but w/ 32 bit mult and shifts, how
> granular can these adjustments be?

Independent of any bits, the precision should be up to 1ns for reading and setting
the clock, and as a consequence you might provide internal fractional nanoseconds
(if you want to have a truly stable nanosecond clock model). If we get this right,
there will be peace in this area until the wires in a PC are significantly shorter
than 30cm (I think this is how far the light goes in 1ns). ;-)

> Also additional complications arise when we have multiple things (like
> cpufreq) playing with the timesource frequency values as well.

I see a bug difference between precise time keeping and "playing" with


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