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SubjectRe: Recent select() handling change breaks Poptop
(adding netdev to cc:)

Phil Oester wrote:
> > 2. a "tcpdump -nvv" of its udp traffic (ideally captured from a seperate
> > server, but from the server would probably be OK too)
> PPTP uses TCP 1723 and GRE (proto 47), so there is no udp traffic involved.
> I suspect the change was made to all datagram traffic with the assumption
> that UDP was the only protocol impacted. Perhaps GRE was not considered?

Yeah, it looks like the problem for sure. The patch modifies the
structure "inet_dgram_ops" to use udp_poll(), but looking farther down:

static struct inet_protosw inetsw_array[] =
.type = SOCK_DGRAM,
.protocol = IPPROTO_UDP,
.prot = &udp_prot,
.ops = &inet_dgram_ops,
.type = SOCK_RAW,
.protocol = IPPROTO_IP, /* wild card */
.prot = &raw_prot,
.ops = &inet_dgram_ops,

so it looks like udp_poll() will end up getting used for both SOCK_DGRAM
and SOCK_RAW inet sockets; obviously Poptop is using the latter and failing
as a result. No need for the strace/tcpdump data I guess.

The fix is to just make a copy of the inet_dgram_ops called inet_udp_ops
and make the udp_poll() change only in that one (and obviously change the
SOCK_DGRAM case there to use &inet_udp_ops). I don't have time right this
second to spin a patch, but could you try that out and see if it fixes
your problem.

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