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    SubjectRe: the umount() saga for regular linux desktop users
    In article <>,
    Gene Heskett <> wrote:
    >Let me toss this out for discussion.
    >There are some times when the usual 5 second flush schedule should be
    >tossed out the window, and the data written immediately. A quickly
    >unpluggable usb memory dongle is a prime candidate to bite the user
    >precisely where it hurts. Floppies also fit this same scenario, I
    >don't know at the times I've written an image with dd, got up out of
    >my chair and went to the machine and slapped the eject button to
    >discover to my horror, that when my hand came away from the button
    >with disk in hand, the frigging access led was now on that wasn't
    >when I tapped the button.

    Google for "supermount".


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