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    SubjectRe: printk loglevel policy?
    Coywolf Qi Hunt wrote:
    > Hi all,
    > Recently, I've seen a lot of add loglevel to printk patches.
    > grep 'printk("' -r | wc shows me 2433. There are probably 2433 printk
    > need to patch, is it? What's this printk loglevel policy, all these
    > printk calls need loglevel adjusted? The default loglevel is
    > --coywolf

    Not every printk() needs a loglevel. For example:

    printk (KERN_WARN "blah...");

    some stuff...

    printk ("bleh...");

    more stuff...

    printk ("done\n");

    is used in a lot of areas.

    You'll also see:
    #ifdef VERBOSE_DEBUG
    #define FOO_DEBUG(a, b) printk ("%s: %s\n", a, b)
    #define FOO_DEBUG(a, b)

    which is normally only used for debug builds.

    The logging levels are, for the most part, common sense. KERN_ERR for error
    conditions, KERN_INFO for informational (i. e. "driver just loaded", "new disk
    detected"), KERN_CRIT if your computer just caught on fire (!), and KERN_DEBUG for
    any kind of verbose printing.

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