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SubjectRe: [PATCH][v5][0/24] Latest IB patch queue
    David> I believe that you didn't test the sparc64 build of the
David> infiniband stuff because arch/sparc64/Kconfig needs to
David> explicitly include the infiniband Kconfig since it does not
David> use drivers/Kconfig. You didn't send me any such changes.

Actually I did test the build (and Tom Duffy at Sun has actually run
the drivers on his system), but I forgot to include the required Kconfig
change -- I just have it in my local test tree.

David> There are a few platforms which also are in this situation.
David> I added the sparc64 one to my tree while integrating your
David> changes, but the others need to be attended to if you wish
David> infiniband to be configurable on them.

I think sparc64 is the only such platform where InfiniBand is likely
to be of much interest. However I'll check out all of arch/ and send
patches to hook up drivers/infiniband/ to the relevant maintainers
once IB makes it upstream.

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