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    SubjectRe: ide-cd hang while playing a CD in 2.6.10
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    Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
    | I have a repeatable problem playing music CDs with kernel and
    | 2.6.10.
    | Running "gnome-cd" to play a CD, the drive and IDE bus flash a few times
    | for about 15 seconds, and then the IDE bus light goes solid.
    | gnome-cd is hung in the driver.
    | /var/log/messages shows the following lines:
    | Dec 25 16:58:57 daydream kernel: ide-cd: cmd 0x47 timed out
    | Dec 25 16:59:57 daydream kernel: ide-cd: cmd 0x47 timed out
    | Dec 25 17:00:56 daydream kernel: ide-cd: cmd 0x47 timed out
    | ...and so on. It repeats every minute.
    | Only a reboot will fix things.
    | Is this a known problem, or is this something I should dig deeper into?

    Can you check a different IDE cable?
    I remember having something like that with my hard drive.

    - -John
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