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SubjectRe: [WISHLIST] IBM HD Shock detection in Linux
On Mon December 13 2004 2:15 am, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> >> >The code apparently can display the horizon, but cannot prevent
> >> >shocks :(
> >>
> >> How can something prevent a shock if it does not know before? What I
> >> mean is that if I smack a harddrive, it can hardly evade it... nor can
> >> it prevent me from smacking it.
> >
> >It can only prevent shocks when it detects tilts... like when the laptop
> >shakes in a moving vehicle for example..
> Ah that's reasonable, like I'm dropping it (will probably tilt due to
> physics) and then hit the ground.
> But what will it do to prevent against the schock, now that it knows it is
> tilted?
When a tilt is detected, it would park the heads ? so that it would not
affected from the larger shock ?

The platter/head is affected in a case where the arm swings away, even from
the powerful magnet to crash against the platter. If the arm is locked, such
that it does not move when a tilt is detected, (The tilt before the shock)
the arm is parked and locked (more locking than the simple magnet) ?

> Jan Engelhardt
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