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Subject[PATCH][v3][0/21] Initial submission of InfiniBand patches for review
The following series of patches is the latest version of the OpenIB
InfiniBand drivers. We believe that this version is suitable for
merging when 2.6.11 opens (or into -mm immediately), although of
course we are willing to go through as many more iterations as
required to fix any remaining issues.

We appreciate all of the excellent feedback we received for our
previous posting, and we believe we have addressed all of the problems
that were identified. We did not intentionally ignore any issues --
if we did not address some of your comments, please rest assured that
it was an error on our part.

Based on the discussion on cleaning up kernel headers, we have left
our .h files under drivers/infiniband/include. None of these .h files
are used outside of drivers/infiniband, so it seems that it is better
not to add them to the global include/ namespace.

Roland Dreier
OpenIB Alliance

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