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    SubjectRe: Improved console UTF-8 support for the Linux kernel?
    Hi Jan ;),

    On Dec 11 at 10:39:55, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
    > Yes it does generate 0xC3B6 (otherwise it would show up as garbage, because it
    > would not be utf8-compliant if it only output 0xF6)
    > >I'm using kernel 2.6.9 + Chris patch
    > I am using SUSE's KOTD 20041202 (2.6.8 + 2.6.9-rc2)

    Maybe the patch or a fix has already been included in rc2/rc3, or in
    SUSE's version :??

    > >method. I've used it with anthy, just have to check it with skk.
    > Have not seen it. What is it? Some sort of xterm?

    Just an input system. To be able to write Japanese all over the place ;))


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