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SubjectRe: Improved console UTF-8 support for the Linux kernel?
Hi Jan ;),

> >I am not sure how you wrote the above characters. According to UTF-8,
> >characters with codepoints above 0x79 require two bytes so that to be
> >valid. When you compose "ö" (you press something like ";", then "o") in
> >the console?
> ö is a "native key" on my keyboard, i.e. i do not need to play with compose to
> generate ö.

Aaahh ;), you've should said that before. The whole problem with the
kernel is with the compose tables. If you have a native key for "ö" in
your keyboard you'll not have problems. I can type for example a 'n
with tilde' in my keyboard because is too is a native key, but for
accentuated characters, for utf-8 output is neccesary to apply the patch :-/


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