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    SubjectRe: Oops in 2.6.10-rc1
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    Linus Torvalds schrieb:
    > So what I'd like you to do is to take the pre-PCI-merge tree, and see if
    > that works for you
    > # assuming a 2.6.10-rc1 tree
    > bk undo -a1.2000.1.6
    > and if that works, then try the post-PCI-merge tree:
    > # assuming a 2.6.10-rc1 tree
    > bk undo -a1.2000.1.7
    > (I just checked: the above numbers are actually valid even in the current
    > -bk tree, so you don't have to first go to 2.6.10-rc1, you can just start
    > from a current tree)

    thanks, Linus. i'll do all this tomorrow, see my other mail i just sent.
    i'll definitely do all this 'cause i'm really curious about this thing.
    (it's not even the need of sound any more. heck, i could just put in
    another soundcard but that'd be too easy :)

    > Thanks for testing, and sorry for the confusion with the more recent PCI
    > merge.

    doh, you can't image how thankful i am for your (and the other people's!)
    help here. but don't waste too many cycles on this weird issue here. if it
    does not break for a million users out there now - why bother at all?
    perhaps it'll break later on but then we have the lkml-archives and
    someone will eventually remember this thing. but no, i don't want to
    discourage anyone here ;-)

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