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SubjectRe: is killing zombies possible w/o a reboot?
On Nov 04, 2004, at 22:10, Tim Connors wrote:
> Elladan <> said on Thu, 4 Nov 2004 18:38:50 -0800:
>> If a process is in D state and receives a SIGKILL, assume it must exit
>> within a few seconds or it's a bug, and dump as much information about
>> it as is practical...?
> Of course, it's not necessarily a bug. Someone could have just kicked
> the ethernet, and so your process is stuck waiting for a read/write.

In any case, if a process is sleeping in-kernel, I expect that either
it's an
interruptible sleep or a guaranteed-short sleep. If it's neither, it's
a bug. If
I kick out an ethernet and it makes "ping" hang in "D", that's bad. I
that eventually _all_ kernel sleeps on the behalf of user-space
will become interruptible.

Kyle Moffett

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