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    Subject[PATCH 0/12] meye driver update

    Please find attached a collection of patches updating the meye driver
    to the latest version.

    The main changes in these patches are:
    - migrate to module_param();
    - implement the V4L2 API in addition to V4L1
    - many code, whitespace and coding style cleanups

    Full changelog below, the patches will be send as followups to this one.

    Please apply.



    PATCH 1/12: meye: module related fixes
    * use module_param() instead of MODULE_PARM() and __setup()
    * use MODULE_VERSION()

    PATCH 2/12: meye: replace homebrew queue with kfifo

    PATCH 3/12: meye: picture depth is in bits not in bytes

    PATCH 4/12: meye: do lock properly when waiting for buffers

    PATCH 5/12: meye: implement non blocking access using poll()

    PATCH 6/12: meye: cleanup init/exit paths

    PATCH 7/12: meye: the driver is no longer experimental and depends on PCI

    PATCH 8/12: meye: module parameters documentation fixes

    PATCH 9/12: meye: add v4l2 support

    PATCH 10/12: meye: whitespace and coding style cleanups

    PATCH 11/12: meye: bump up the version number

    PATCH 12/12: meye: retrieving the current settings from the camera does not work
    very well, we need to cache the values in the driver

    Stelian Pop <>
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