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    SubjectGPL violation by iRiver

    I recently bought an iRiver PMP-140 portable multimedia player which
    runs under Linux. Unfortunately, I could neither find the offer for
    the source code required by the GPL nor would the support people at
    iriver USA tell me where I can get the source code. They just said
    that it is not possible to get the sources. I also emailed to iRiver
    Germany but haven`t received an answer yet.
    Has anybody else tried to contact them? If you are interested, there
    is a new firmware available here:
    (klick on

    Using string on the unzipped files shows that at least the Linux
    kernel and busybox are used in the firmware.

    I tried to send this email to but it came
    back with a no route to host error which I also get for the website
    now, although I could load it just a half an hour ago.

    What should be the next step?


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