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    SubjectRe: 2.6.9 tcp problems
    On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 13:03:34 -0500
    kernel <> wrote:

    > I've run into a problem with 2.6.(8.1,9) after installing a secondary
    > firewall. When I try to pull data through the original firewall (mail,
    > http, ssh), it stops after approx. 260k. Running ethereal tells me "A
    > segment before the frame was lost" followed by a bunch of "This is a
    > TCP duplicate ack" when using ssh. All 2.4.x machines and windows
    > clients work fine. I built 2.4.28 and it works fine from my machine. I
    > also fiddled with tcp_ecn and that didn't fix it either. I don't have
    > any problems communicating to "local" machines. I've attached the
    > tcpdump output from an scp attempt. NIC is a 3Com Corporation 3c905B.

    What kind of firewall? There are firewalls that are too stupid and don't
    understand TCP window scaling.
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