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    SubjectRe: Is controlling DVD speeds via SET_STREAMING supported?
    * Jens Axboe <>:
    >> > I modified your speed-1.0 to open device O_RDWR, didn't help.
    >> > I modified it to also dump_sense after CMD_SEND_PACKET, it's just
    >> > duplicate packet.
    >> No this will definitively not solve this issue. I will try to check this
    >> in the kernel, but because I'm not a kernel developer I will CC Jens
    >> Axboe. Maybe he can help?
    > Just fix the permission on the special file. Additionally, the program
    > must open the device O_RDWR.

    (under 2.6.10-rc2-mm1)
    I ran speed-1.0 program as root and also modified to open the device
    file as O_RDWR. This didn't help, it still reports same error.

    Booted into 2.4.28, speed-1.0 didn't do the trick there either. 'sense'
    reported was 00.00.00 though.

    Psi -- <>

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