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    Subjectkswapd0 oops -> debug information
    Hi all,

    I keep getting this oops so randomly, that 'RIGHT, YOU BUGGER' I have
    attempted to supply proper debug info - where I have got is what I learnt
    today, so I am a bit stuck after finding the area of code.

    ksymoops provides:

    >>EIP; c0151239 <__iget+29/4c> <=====
    Code; c015120e <init_once+1a/1c>
    00000000 <_EIP>:
    Code; c015120e <init_once+1a/1c>
    0: 76 00 jbe 2 <_EIP+0x2> c0151210 <__iget+0/4c>
    Code; c0151210 <__iget+0/4c>
    2: 53 push %ebx
    Code; c0151211 <__iget+1/4c>
    3: 8b 5c 24 08 mov 0x8(%esp,1),%ebx
    Code; c0151215 <__iget+5/4c>
    7: 8b 43 1c mov 0x1c(%ebx),%eax
    Code; c0151218 <__iget+8/4c>
    a: 85 c0 test %eax,%eax
    Code; c015121a <__iget+a/4c>
    c: 74 05 je 13 <_EIP+0x13> c0151221
    Code; c015121c <__iget+c/4c>
    e: ff 43 1c incl 0x1c(%ebx)
    Code; c015121f <__iget+f/4c>
    11: eb 38 jmp 4b <_EIP+0x4b> c0151259
    Code; c0151221 <__iget+11/4c>

    13: ff 43 1c incl 0x1c(%ebx)
    Code; c0151224 <__iget+14/4c>
    16: f6 83 1c 01 00 00 0f testb $0xf,0x11c(%ebx)
    Code; c015122b <__iget+1b/4c>
    1d: 75 26 jne 45 <_EIP+0x45> c0151253
    Code; c015122d <__iget+1d/4c>
    1f: 8d 53 08 lea 0x8(%ebx),%edx
    Code; c0151230 <__iget+20/4c>
    22: 8b 4a 04 mov 0x4(%edx),%ecx
    Code; c0151233 <__iget+23/4c>
    25: 8b 43 08 mov 0x8(%ebx),%eax
    Code; c0151236 <__iget+26/4c>
    28: 89 48 04 mov %ecx,0x4(%eax)
    Code; c0151239 <__iget+29/4c> <=====
    2b: 89 01 mov %eax,(%ecx) <=====
    Code; c015123b <__iget+2b/4c>
    2d: a1 6c 9c 30 c0 mov 0xc0309c6c,%eax
    Code; c0151240 <__iget+30/4c>
    32: 89 50 04 mov %edx,0x4(%eax)
    Code; c0151243 <__iget+33/4c>
    35: 89 43 08 mov %eax,0x8(%ebx)
    Code; c0151246 <__iget+36/4c>
    38: c7 42 04 6c 9c 30 c0 movl $0xc0309c6c,0x4(%edx)
    Code; c015124d <__iget+3d/4c>
    3f: 89 .byte 0x89

    I have traced this code to fs/inode.c. Producing assembler of inode.c gives
    this (snipped):

    pushl %ebx
    movl 8(%esp),%ebx
    movl 28(%ebx),%eax
    testl %eax,%eax
    je .L3337
    incl 28(%ebx)
    jmp .L3336
    .p2align 4,,7
    incl 28(%ebx)
    testb $15,284(%ebx)
    jne .L3340
    leal 8(%ebx),%edx
    movl 4(%edx),%ecx
    movl 8(%ebx),%eax
    movl %ecx,4(%eax)
    movl %eax,(%ecx) <===== >>EIP; c0151239 <__iget+29/4c>
    movl inode_in_use,%eax
    movl %edx,4(%eax)
    movl %eax,8(%ebx)
    movl $inode_in_use,4(%edx)
    movl %edx,inode_in_use

    Which quiet nicely matches the ksymoops output. My books tell me the inode.s
    file _should_ give me line numbers in inode.c so I can then locate area of
    code - but I can't see how to match the produced assembler to the C source.

    Hope this helps someone - and if you know who to get assembler code to match C
    code via line numbers, I would like to know please.


    "When you're chewing on life's gristle,
    Don't grumble, Give a whistle..."
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