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SubjectRe: performance of filesystem xattrs with Samba4

You can call off your bsearch - I found the culprit.

For the 2.6.10-rc2 tests I was running with the patch from Andreas
that added large ext3 inode support (in order to also test the
ext3-256 case). For the -mm2 test I wasn't.

This patch was supposed to have no effect if large inodes were not
setup at mkfs time. Unfortunately it does have an affect as it also
removes the in-place xattr modification logic from
ext3_xattr_set_handle(), so every xattr set becomes the same as a
delete+create pair. In plain -rc2 and in -mm2 an xattr set of the same
size will be done in-place. As every xattr set is of the same size in
dbench3 this made a huge difference.

Sorry for the false alarm.

Cheers, Tridge
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