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    SubjectRe: missing build functionality?
    On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 12:33:39 PST, Bruce Korb said:

    > Anyway, I do not see an obvious way to construct an object archive library
    > that I wish to use for multiple drivers. There are two problems. This:
    > > ifeq ($(ARCH),ia64)
    > > endif
    > because I am making the archive for a loadable driver.

    The usual solution for 2 modules that share an archive would be to create
    *three* modules driver-a, driver-b, and driver-core - and then have the
    appropriate depmod magic so a 'modprobe driver-a' does an insmode driver-core,
    as does a 'modprobe driver-b'.

    Otherwise, you're just loading the entire library into memory twice,
    once for each driver...
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