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SubjectRe: performance of filesystem xattrs with Samba4 wrote:

>So while I sympathise with you wanting reiser4 to be tuned for "big"
>storage, please remember that a good proportion of the installs are
>likely to be running "in-memory" workloads.
I agree that in-memory workloads are important, and that is why we
compress on flush rather than compressing on write for our compression
plugin, and it is why we should spend some time optimizing reiser4 to
make its code paths more lightweight for the in-memory case. At the
same time, I think that the workloads where the filesystem matters the
most are the ones that access the disk. With computers, in a large
percentage of the time that people notice themselves waiting, it is the
disk drive they are waiting on.

Sigh, there are so many things we should optimize for, and it will be
years before we have hit all the important ones.
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