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SubjectRe: performance of filesystem xattrs with Samba4 wrote:

>A bit more information about the slowdown between runs (and eventual
>lockup) with reiser4 that I reported in my last email.
>I found that a umount/mount between runs solved the problem, leading
>to a fairly consistent result and no lockup. I also found that running
>a simple /bin/sync between runs solved the problem.
>This implies to me that it is some in-memory structure that is the
>culprit. I can't see anything obvious in /proc/slabinfo, but its been
>a while since I've done any serious kernel development so maybe I just
>don't know what to look for.
>I also tried enabling the "strict sync" option in Samba4. This makes
>the 1% flush operations in the load file map to fsync() instead of a
>noop. This caused reiser4 to lockup almost immediately, with the same
>symptoms as the previous lockups I reported (all smbd processes stuck
>in D state). No oops messages or anything unusual in dmesg.
>Cheers, Tridge
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Thanks much tridge. vs, please respond in detail.
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