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SubjectRe: Is controlling DVD speeds via SET_STREAMING supported?
On Sat, Nov 20 2004, David Härdeman wrote:
> Hi,
> currently my DVD player sounds like a jet plane when playing ordinary
> audio CD's. I tried the different approaches to lowering playback speed
> that are commonly used (hdparm, setspeed, etc) but none of them worked.
> Then I found this thread:
> Which seems to indicate that DVD players need a different command
> (SET_STREAMING), the thread is from 2001, and I've not been able to find
> any more recent information.
> So, my question is, is this implemented in the kernel and are there any
> userspace tools to set the playback speed?

I don't know of any, but it is trival to write using SG_IO (or just
CDROM_SEND_PACKET for this simple use, since only a trivial amount of
data involved). If you are not sure how to do it, let me know and I can
easily write one in minutes.

Jens Axboe

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