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SubjectRe: [PATCH] PPC64 mmu_context_init needs to run earlier

> That said, maybe the problem is that we shouldn't even get far enough into
> the fork() logic to ever get into a new MMU context if driver_init ends up
> being called before we're ready.

Agreed. I chatted with Andrew about this, and I think we need
call_usermodehelper to be in a "plugged" state during boot, where it
queues up events but doesn't exec's userland. It remains to be decided
at what point during boot (during initcalls ? after initcalls) we can
"unplug" it tho...

I think it's definitely bogus to try to run userland in the middle of

We need this plug/unplug logic (as I wrote separately to linux-pm) for
suspend as well, since we can't affort calling userlands once we have
started suspending devices (and frozen userland).


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