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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] [Request for inclusion] Filesystem in Userspace

    > > Well, killing the fuse process _will_ make the system come back to
    > > life, since then all the dirty pages belonging to the filesystem will
    > > be discarded.
    > They will? Why? They're still mapped into other processes, still dirty.
    > How do they go away?

    Just as if they were written back properly. It makes no sense to keep
    pages under writeback around if we know the filesystem is gone for

    > In contrast, a fuse process that needs to do IO is _not_ protected from
    > the clients having eaten up all the memory it needs to do the IO.

    Will the clients be allowed to fill up the _whole_ memory with dirty
    pages? Page writeback will start sooner than that, and then the
    client will not be able to dirty more pages until some are freed.

    BTW, I've never myself seen a deadlock, and I've not had any report of
    it. I've been able to deadlock FUSE on 2.4 with a shared writable
    mapping and an artificial program that was designed for this, but I
    haven't managed this on 2.6.

    Maybe someone can help me. Anybody who writes a program that
    deadlocks Linux with a FUSE filesystem, gets a medal, and I'll humbly
    apologize :)

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