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SubjectRe: Kernel thoughts of a Linux user
Gerold J. Wucherpfennig wrote:
> - Replace DRI with sth. slimmer and intoduce real kernel drivers
> and introduce real kernel drivers which handel all the initialization and
> interrupt handling (only minimal hardware abstraction). One goal is to
> remove's PCI magic. Ultimately this shall give framebuffer and X
> the same basis. This was summarized on

Is it possible to have two or more 'workstations' on one computer?
A 'workstation' is a monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. tied together and
represents a place where someone can work.
I know it's possible to do this using a Xserver (running two Xservers on
different virtual consoles, each with its own
configuration/keyboard/mouse/monitor), but I'd like to realise it more
low-level, on the level of virtual terminals, so that each 'workstation'
would have it's own 'Ctrl+F1', 'Ctrl+F2' etc.

Today, you can buy video cards with two connectors for monitors, or even
put two of those cards into one mainboard, making it possible to connect
four monitors to one computer. A P4 HT enabled CPU would be enough for
four office workers who edit text documents, unless they aren't playing
games :) So you could cut costs by buying one set of Mainboard/CPU/RAM
and then for every worker just a monitor/keyboard/mouse.
Places like internet-cafes could profit, they usually have many same
computers side by side, each with the same configuration, but on many no
one is working, they just run and consume energy.


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