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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix spurious OOM kills

Marcelo Tosatti escreveu:
> If its not the case, increasing the all_unreclaimable "timer" to a higher value
> than 5 seconds will certainly delay the OOM killer such to a point where
> its not triggered until the VM reclaiming efforts make progress.
> Chris, can you change the "500*HZ" in mm/vmscan.c balance_pgdat() function
> to "1000*HZ" and see what you get, please?

Changed. FWIW it's been running happily for hours without a single oom,
including the normally guaranteed build UML test. I'll leave it running
and see how it goes. The daily cron run is a usually a popular time for
killing off a few essential daemons (ntpd, sshd &c), in fact I think the
OOM Killer actually looks forward to it :)

Chris R.
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