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SubjectRe: Linux 2.4.28-pre4

> New drivers are OK, as long as they dont break existing setups,
> and if substantial amount of users will benefit from it.

It cannot possibly break anything for somebody who does not
use it, and I am not aware of any unresolved problems in it,
i.e., I don't think it can harm its users either.

> You've submitted the patch to this list for review already?
> Can't remember from the top of my head.

Yes and no. This driver has been announced here 3 times,
the latest announcement being this:

However, I did not announce the latest release here on the list,
and only emailed you personally last Sunday, because I felt that
there are not enough differences with the previous release. This
was a mistake and I'll make an announcement in a separate email.

> A review by someone with good knowledge on this area (arjan,
> bart, alan, ?) would also be a good point on getting it into the
> tree.

I would appreciate a review of the driver very much.

Thanks again,

Martins Krikis
Storage Components Division
Intel Massachusetts

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