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    SubjectRe: Fwd: Re: 2.6.9-rc3 does not like diablo news reader daemon
    > - Are the oopses always the same?  Please send some more.

    There was only one so far, but I will send more, in case I get any.

    > - What types of filesytem are in use?


    > - Are you using any unusual mount options?

    No, just defaults.

    > - Are you using any uncommon hardware?

    No: 2x P3 1 GHz, a standard platform we use for many services.

    > - Does the application do anything unusual such as O_DIRECT I/O?

    Dreaderd is not compiled with AIO enabled, but it does use mmap(),
    madvise() and SYSV shared memory segments.

    > - Are any other machines running the same application and kernel? If so,
    > are they failing? If not, are you able to use a different machine with
    > 2.6.9-rc3? That'll help us work out whether it's a hardware or software
    > failure.

    I will run the same setup on a different machine of same type, no problem.
    In the mean time, I keep an eye on the machine that generated the oops.

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