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SubjectRe: kswapd in tight loop 2.6.9-rc3-bk-recent
Andrew Morton wrote:

>This probably won't fix it.
>It looks like the code will lock up if all zones are out of unreclaimable
>memory, but you won't be hitting that.

Out of _reclaimable_ memory?

It shouldn't if all_unreclaimable is being set correctly.

>I also wonder if it'll lock up if just the first zone has ->all_unreclaimable.

Well, not if the all_unreclaimable flag is set, but if it should be and
then probably it will lock up.

>I think a good starting point here will be to revert the most recent

That may fix it for the simple fact that kswapd will just go through its
priority loop once then stop.

I think that resetting all_unreclaimable in free_pages_bulk is the wrong
idea though, because that will keep it clear if a bit of kernel memory is
being pinned and freed in the background, won't it?

I had a look and decided that all_unreclaimable should probably be cleared
only if vmscan.c frees some memory - but I couldn't really come up with any
hard numbers to back me up :P

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