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SubjectRe: Possible GPL Violation of Linux in Amstrad's E3 Videophone
On Thu, 7 Oct 2004, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:

> > If you want to spend god alone knows how many hours tracking down
> > who wrote what and nuking the relevant bits, that's your time to throw
> > away. If you want the same featureset a little faster however, I
> > believe SCO are still selling Openserver licenses.
> >
> > Dave
> >
> >
> >
> We would spend the time or remove the code. OpenServer??? Gag?? Puke??
> According to Carl "Mad Dog" McBride Linux is already his "product" (What a
> joke). OpenServer is not Linux.
> If I receive a confirmation from A) Linus or B) Alan then we will profer
> a license agreement for everyone to review and sign off on via PGP secure
> email.

I can't speak for anyone except myself, and I'm not in any way a big time
kernel person, but personally I would prefer that what little code I've
contributed stays GPL. It was GPL code I contributed to, I expect it to
stay that way.

> We will worry about who is no longer available. We need the core folks whose
> names
> appear as the original author in the master header of each file to sign off.
> They will need to
> certify which files are theirs and send a confirmation.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd say you need more than just the core people. Even
the core people don't own the copyright to contributions made by
small-time contributers like myself. You could argue that very small
contributions don't qualify for copyright protection and you'd probably be
right, but where do you draw that line?

> This can be done, and if there is a process in place, others can come and give
> money as well.
> It's time ALL YOU GUYS got rewarded for your hard work, and not just those who
> positioned themselves to get fat stock options and IPO preffered stock for
> .com stock market
> Google style IPO scams. It can happen.
There are other rewards than money.

Jesper Juhl

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