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SubjectRe: [PATCH] RadeonFB ACPI S3 patch fixed to not break S4., 2.6.7

> This applies to the patch written by Ole Rohne,
> This applies to Radeon Mobility cards (mine is M9000 but it could work
> for others) on certain laptops that don't reinitialize the video BIOS
> upon resume (Mine is a Dell Insipron 600m but there are others).
> This patch reinitializes the Radeon BIOS upon resume from an ACPI sleep
> state other than S4.
> The original patch reinitialized the video bios from any ACPI resume,
> but this broke suspending to S4. The machine would begin to suspend,
> then the display would go dark and the system would become unresponsive.
> I added an if statement to the part that patches radeon_pm.c so that it
> would NOT try to reinitialize the video BIOS if the machine is entering
> S4. This worked.


> Given how much aggrivation this has given me, I figure submitting the
> new patch would be nice.

It needs to follow kernel coding style (see acpi sleep.c). On what
machine did you test it? I have machine (Arima) with radeon but ole's
patches did not work for me, I'll probably test this one too.


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