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SubjectRe: [Lse-tech] [PATCH] cpusets - big numa cpu and memory placement
On Tue, 5 Oct 2004, Paul Jackson wrote:

> Matthew wrote:
> >
> > By adding locking and reference counting, and simplifying the way in which
> > sched_domains are created, linked, unlinked and eventually destroyed we
> > can use sched_domains as the implementation of cpusets.
> I'd be inclined to turn this sideways from what you say.
> Rather, add another couple of properties to cpusets:
> 1) An isolated flag, that guarantees whatever isolation properties
> we agree that schedulers, allocators and resource allocators
> require between domains, and
> 2) For those cpusets which are so isolated, the option to add
> links of some form, between that cpuset, and distinct scheduler,
> allocator and/or resource domains.

Just to make sure we speak the same language:

That would lead to three kinds of cpusets:

1-'isolated' cpusets, with maybe a distinct scheduler, allocator and/or
resource domains.

2-'exclusive' cpusets (maybe with a better name?), that just don't overlap
with other cpusets who have the same parent.

3-'non-exclusive, non isolated' cpusets, with no restriction of any kind.

I suppose it would still be possible to create cpusets of type 2 or 3
inside a type-1 cpuset. They would be managed by the scheduler of the
parent 'isolated' cpuset.

I was thinking that the top cpuset is a particular case of type-1, but
actually no.

'isolated' cpusets should probably be at the same level as the top cpuset
(who should lose this name, then).

How should 'isolated' cpusets be created ? Should the top_cpuset be shrunk
to free some CPUs so we have room to create a new 'isolated' cpuset ?

Or should 'isolated' cpusets stay inside the top cpuset, that whould have
to schedule its processes outside the 'isolated' cpusets ? Should it then
be forbidden to cover the whole system with 'isolated' cpusets ?

That's a lot of question marks...
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