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SubjectRe: ESP corruption bug - what CPUs are affected? (patch att
On  6 Oct 04 at 20:18, Stas Sergeev wrote:
> Yes, if not for that anonymous guy, who kept posting
> to me until he finally convinced me that the Ring-0
> approach is not that difficult at all.
> So I tried... It was much more difficult to code
> up, but at the end it looks a little better
> and localized to entry.S completely. OTOH it
> touches the exception handlers, but not too much -
> it adds only 5 insns on the fast path. And the
> code is very fragile, but after I made all the
> magic numbers a #define consts, it actually looks
> not so bad.
> I don't know which patch is really better, so
> I am attaching both.

CPL0 solution is certainly more localized, but I have hard problems
to convice myself that it is actually safe.

I would appreciate if you could add comments what values are set
by ESPFIX_SWITCH_16 + 8 + 4 and simillar moves, and what they actually
do. And convicing myself that ESPFIX_SWITCH_32 has just right value so

pushl %eax
pushl %es
lss ESPFIX_SWITCH_32,%esp
popl %es
popl %eax

actually works took almost an hour...

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