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    SubjectRe: [patch 2.4] back port msleep(), msleep_interruptible()
    On Sat, 30 Oct 2004, Jeff Garzik wrote:

    > I'm pretty sure more than one of these symbols clashes with a symbol
    > defined locally in a driver. I like the patch but we can't apply it
    > until the impact on existing code is evaluated.
    > Jeff

    current 2.4 has no ssleep() nor jiffies_to_usecs() nor jiffies_to_msecs()
    users. so no namespace conflicts on them.

    i found a strange unsupported "msleep" syscall in

    left this one appart, i resend the msleep patch + 5 cleanup patches.
    they remove duplicate msleep() or msecs_to_jiffies() definitions.
    they are all compile tested, but the one touching drivers/char/shwdt.c
    please show me if i forgot something.

    kernel janitor

    ps dropped from cc as this ml rejects my mails.
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