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    SubjectRe: pl2303/usb-serial driver problem in 2.4.27-pre6
    On Sat, 2004-10-30 at 17:05, Oleksiy wrote: 
    > I've tried the patch, it didn't work :( The same problem...
    > Also, 2.6.9 works ok ( i haven't tried other 2.6.x kernels)

    OK, I'm confused.

    You reported that everything works in kernel
    versions up to and including 2.4.27-pre5.
    It breaks with 2.4.27-pre6.
    It works again with 2.6.9

    The only changes to pl2303.c between
    2.4.27-pre5 and 2.4.27-pre6 are also present in 2.6.9

    If all of the above this is correct, then the changes
    to pl2303.c have nothing to do with your problem...
    and my wonderful little theory is total crap.

    Greg KH suggested enabling CONFIG_DEBUG.
    Did you try that and get any output?


    Paul Fulghum

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