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    Subject[patch] voluntary-preempt-2.6.9-rc3-mm1-S8

    i've released the -S8 VP patch:

    this iteration is mainly a merge to -rc3-mm1. The -rc3-mm1 tree now
    includes the generic-irq-subsystem patch which is a prerequisite of the
    threaded-irqs feature in the -VP patch. As a result of this the -VP
    patch got significantly smaller, down from 224K to 89K.

    also part of the patch are further refinements of the preempt-bkl
    feature and a couple of bugfixes, reported for the -mm tree but not
    included in -rc3-mm1 yet. (All of these were sent to Andrew too so they
    should show up in -mm2.)

    to build an -S8 tree from scratch the patching order is:

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