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SubjectRe: [linux-usb-devel] 2.6.10-rc1 OHCI usb error messages
On 27 Oct 2004 at 15h10, David Brownell wrote:


> You're not reporting that it fails to activate when there's an
> active device connected; and you obviously enabled CONFIG_PM,
> which Kconfig says means that
> ... parts of your computer are shut off or put into a
> power conserving "sleep" mode if they are not being used.
> So: since it's not being actively used then, why shouldn't the
> root hub (or any other device) be suspended? During boot, or at
> any other time. So long as it works when you plug in a USB device,
> it looks to me like everything is behaving quite reasonably.

That's right. Just that it didn't do so previously, so i didn't think
of that.

> > At least, it's not on 2.6.9. Also,
> > lsusb -v fails with long timeouts due to that on 2.6.10-rc1,
> > not on 2.6.9.
> I've never observed "lsusb" ever timing out when accessing a
> suspended USB device; the URB submissions fail right away.

Strange. Something else maybe...

> So if something's timing out, it's for some other reason.
> (Such as bugs in "lsusb"; the "usbutils" package is overdue
> for a new release, it's changed a lot since the 0.11 tarball
> that's widely available.)

Yes, btw, I once sent a patch about lsusb endianness problems, and didn't
hear anything back about it. I ended up sending the patch to the gentoo
guys so that at least my distro is fixed:
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