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SubjectRE: My thoughts on the "new development model"

> There seems to be a lot of strange notions on this concept of
> 'stable'. The only thing that makes a kernel 'stable' is
> time. Not endless bugfixes. Just time. The idea of stable
> software is software that not going to give you any suprises,
> software that you can trust.
> That's NOT the same as bug free software. For a start,
> there's no such thing. For another, many bugs are perfectly
> acceptable in a production environment as long as they're not
> impacting. (The linux kernel is a very large piece of work.
> Few installations would use even 20% of the total kernel
> functionality).

Yes, perfectly right.
You would agree (for example) that this:

> On Wed, 27 Oct 2004, Danny Brow wrote:
> Ok, thank you for the feedback, glad you fixed your problem.
> Now I guess we just need for someone to find out why
> LEGACY_PTYS breaks
> ssh (and other apps?) with kernels >= 2.6.9, but I'm afraid
> thats beyond

Does not reflect the behaviour of a stable kernel.
Yes, of course, there's the workaround. But I don't think this bug is
not impacting.

I repeat once again. To me something is going in the wrong direction.


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