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    SubjectRe: [0/3] PATCH Kprobes for x86_64- 2.6.9-final
    Hi Andi,

    Please see my comments inline below.


    On Thu, Oct 28, 2004 at 01:37:44PM +0200, Andi Kleen wrote:
    > Like I still would like to have the page fault notifier
    > completely moved out of the fast path into no_context
    > (that i386 has it there is also wrong). Adding kprobe_runn
    > doesn't make a difference.

    The kprobes fault handler is called if an exception is
    generated for any instruction within the fault-handler or when
    Kprobes single-steps the probed instruction.
    AFAIK kprobes does not handle page faults in the above case and just returns
    immediately resuming the normal execution.

    > And the jprobe_return_end change is wrong, my suggestion
    > was to move it into the inline assembler statement. Adding asmlinkage
    > doesn't help at all
    > (I think i386 gets this wrong too)

    In the below code, I moved jprobe_return_end to inline assembler statement.

    void jprobe_return(void)
    asm volatile (" xchg %%rbx,%%rsp \n"
    " int3 \n"
    " .globl jprobe_return_end \n"
    " jprobe_return_end: \n"
    " nop \n"::"b"

    > -Andi


    Thanks & Regards
    Prasanna S Panchamukhi
    Linux Technology Center
    India Software Labs, IBM Bangalore
    Ph: 91-80-25044636
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