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SubjectRe: HARDWARE: Open-Source-Friendly Graphics Cards -- Viable?
Helge Hafting wrote:

>Or one could go the other way - if we use 32 bits, then
>consider 10 bits per color. I've always wondered about the purpose
>of a 8-bit alpha channel. what exactly is supposed to show
>in "transparent" places? Transparency makes sense when talking about
>windows - you see the underlying window through a transparent spot.
>But this is the frame buffer we're talking about - what is
>supposed to be behind that? Another frame buffer?
Well, The Hauppage 350 via the ivtv driver provides a framebuffer 'OSD'
(On Screen Display) that overlays the hardware video (as in TV) layer.
Transparency determines how much of the video shows through.

It's good having a framebuffer that can run X (or whatever) overlayed
onto the video stream.

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