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SubjectRe: [Linux-fbdev-devel] Re: Generic VESA framebuffer driver and Video card BOOT?
Paulo Marques <> wrote:

> One other thing, is there a simple way to test the emulator? I've
> been careful with the changes I did not to change the resulting
> behaviour of the emulator, but I can not _absolutely_ sure that I
> didn't break anything. It would be very good to try the emulator
> in a controlled environment.

Unfortunately the test code I wrote years ago is only for Open Watcom and
uses inline assembler. It hasn't been used for some time and I am not
sure if it works properly or not (I don't think it does right now). Plus
we recently found out that it doesn't test everything, just the
implementation of prim_ops.c.

The only real way to test the emulator is to use it to emulate some code.
We don't have any code we use on a regular basis to test it, but perhaps
we should think about building a test suite for it. Usually we test it on
Video BIOS ROM's, but that is painful because you have to switch video
cards all the time.

XFree86 and do use the same code so it could be tested there, but
once again it is only used for Video BIOS ROM stuff.


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